Live Sale Today!

Join us for our Live Sale today at 12:30 p.m. EST via Facebook Live: Pacific East Aquaculture

Did you miss our Live Sale? No worries, check out our Live Sale page on our website today!

Live Sale

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Coral Colonies

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All sales end at midnight tonight!

I love the idea of a quick live sale! The ones that last for hours on end are just not possible for me. I was on travel for work and missed your sale today, but I hope you make this a regular occurrence!

Thanks for your comments. We agree, this is better than those hours or day long Live Sales and this is truly LIVE. We have another scheduled for this Saturday and plan to make them regular events. Hope to see you at the next one!

You can still participate in this Live Sale deals by going to this page on our site:

PLUS, if you order any Live Sale items you can take 20% off our Premium Frag, New Goodies, and Colonies pages with coupon code LUNCH20

Acans look nice, time to order some more

Corals look great!! Looking forward to future live sales!!

Yep - I liked watching the corals to see what I was missing.