Live sand or Cheato anyone?

I picked up a 5 gallon bucket of mature (3 year old) live sand from Dynagrrl today. She has been kind enough to donate i to the club. I was thinking of separating it in to quart size bags (larger if you need it) and bringing it to the meeting for anyone that wants it.

it’s always good to get some new sand from a different system as it increases the bio-diversity in your sand bed. Please let me know if anyone is interested.

I also have a large clump of cheato from the same system. If anyone needs it let me know and I’ll bring it as well.

This would be a great thing for anyone with young tanks, especially if you did not get LR from multiple countries of origin.

i need as much as i can get. i need it for the 55 i will be setting up and for the dead rock ill be curing. i was going to pm u about it but i didnt get to it lOl.

ill also take some cheato too. thanks.

Chris(mmbuna) was a big believer in this and would frequently swap sand.

BZ…you dont need enough for your whole tank. you can buy playsand and simply seed it with the live sand. It will be one in the same in about 6 months.

is play sand the same size as the live sand i have now? (carabean live sand) horriable speller lOl. how well do i have to clean it?

its probably near the same size, very fine, but im not sure about the color. i bought playsand from homedepot a couple of weeks ago for one of my herp habitats, it was nice but probably darker than the sand you have now.

you can rinse it the same.

Put me down for some of both!

[quote=“bz350, post:6, topic:833”]
is play sand the same size as the live sand i have now? (carabean live sand) horriable speller lOl. how well do i have to clean it?[/quote]

Don’t worry I think Caribbean is an odd word. I mess it up 99% of the time for some reason. Most of the time when I type it I use only one ‘b’. I always have to double check myself when typing it and I spent all of January there studying the reefs and catching rays.

Craig …

I’d love a bag of sand. My son just got his nano going, so it would help tremendously there.

OK, After thinking about it a little more I think I am just going to bring the whole bucket of sand to the meeting. If everyone interested could bring their own bag, we’ll distribute it that way. Otherwise I am going to spend my entire day bagging up live sand today.

Is that OK with everyone?

Sounds like a plan

can i just bring bucket lOl.