livestock for sale

crocea clam from pest free, just thinning the herd. this one resembles a different one too closely cost me $60, will let go to good home 45$. about 4"SOLD JOHN

top down

also selling the two chalices in the top down pic
this one is $20, about 2 1/2 inch dia, encrusting CHALICE SOLD TO GLENN

this one much nicer orange than pic, about an inch tall, 1 1/2 long $20, see the top down pic

i think this is called a pavona
one completely new branch in 3 months
$10 lousy pic, nice coral, encrusted the frag plug in about a month

zoa/palys originally from icy 12$ each
both an inch plus. about 10 larger size polyps

three pulsing xenia frags, about 3-10 heads on the stalks. should be attached to a coral skeleton by the meeting maybe not. all 3 for $7. these do not really shed but spread. i had 1 1 inch 4 head stalk in april. from icy also.
this is the’s being hosted by a 2" clown and i hope it will cover most of the glass. for size, the derasa is about 7"


I’ll take the one you think may be a pavona.

Hey Paul, I would like the clam, Thanks

paul i will take one chalice. will get it right after meeting if ok?

which chalice glenn?

yellowish purple one with green in first picture

you gotit, glenn.

I’ll try some of the xenia.

Worst case scenario it will be an expensive snack item again >:::

xenia taken

zoas and orange chalice still for sale
self bumping.