LOOK: Brett's tanks

After a 10 year lay off I’m back at it again. This time with two tanks.

Current set up is a 65g and 40B as well as a 15g quarantine tank. I’m running everything BB at the moment, not quite happy with the look yet.

The 65 runs a filter sock, older esshops skimmer, hydra 26 LEDs, jebo wave maker (gyre), tunze top off. I have a refuge compartment empty at this time, but have some dragons breath and money plant sitting in QT. This tank is running smoothly and I have just dropped in the first round of coral that cleared 2 weeks of observation in QT.

stock list is 2 bangi cardinals, 3 clowns, 2 chromis, a pink Damsel and Marine Betta. I have no plans to adjust stocking, except to evict the current crab population in favor of snails for algae control.

No real issues at all. I expect I may need to start dosing soon. I’ve also starting feeding multiple times a day to get my nutrients up, and have seen a small algae bloom as a result.

The 40B is a work in progress. Skimmer is oversized. having tons of trouble with nutrients. Since it is fish only at the moment, it hasn’t been receiving the love it should. I have some solid plans to replace this tank, but continuing to do research on the next build.

Stocking is a yellow tang, 2 clowns, and 1 pink damsel. I’ve added a handful of chato algae about 2 weeks ago, which is now growing rapidly with a dark green color.

Finally the QT. Its a 15g bowfront running a small wavemaker and a kessil H80.

currently housing 2 prism favias which I’ve been removing microscopic amounts of bubble algae from

2 questions: What product does everyone use to dose Alk? Tips on eliminating bubble algae?

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Welcome back! No one can stay away forever! :slight_smile:

For alk, I use kalkwasser in my ATO water. Keeps calc and alk in sync and requires very little effort. For bubble algae, I always go with a couple of emerald crabs when the infestation isn’t bad. Remove, peroxide spray, and soak when it is super bad.

Welcome back it has been some years.

I use esv b-ionic for my 2 part and love it. adds trace and minerals which is a added bonus.
BA I think a emerald crab would be the route I would go. I don’t worry about it, I have it in my anemone tank but its not in my other tank which is tied into that system. I also dose amino’s, no3 and po4 daily to keep my nutrients elevated

haha I have bubble algea , and I’m sure it came on a facia I got. Tiny bubble I was too lazy to get. Now its everywhere. I have 2 emerald crabs I never see. And I never see a reduction in the BA. Manual removal and dosing vibrant seems to be working for me. But its still showing up.

Get a fox face. Good by bubble alge