looking 4 free or cheap egg creat

any color. needs to measure 13x13. alittle late to post to get it at the meeting but it would be awsome if i could get it by then. thanks brett

does it have to be exactly 13 x 13? if so i will cut it and give ya a piece answer asap

i can cut it myself if its easyer for you. it will eventually be shaped into 13x13 though thanks.

yes 13x13


Hey Brett, have you checked Lowes and HD recently? Reason I ask is I need some more myself. I have black and bits of white, but I need to buy some more cheap white stuff to cover some tanks due to a new animal I will likely be getting soon. No point in me checking the stores again if you went to them recently.

cut for ya.

thanks alot glenn. jon i have never seen egg crate at lowes. none on 40, none on 273. i havent been to home depot for a while so couldnt tell ya.i would call before you go.

Brett Lowes always has them on stock. You have to look in the back by the ceiling tiles not the lighting section.

i always look in the lighting. ok ill make soure to look in the ceiling next time.

Its actually called “Lighting Diffuser” from what I remember… Might help them find what you are looking for if you ask someone who works there.

just got some at lowes the other day. by the drop ceiling stuff. 11 bucks a sheet. 2’x4’

Which Lowes? There are probably at least 4-5 different Lowes people who are reading this thread might think of. Thing is when I went looking for it a year ago, a lot of places were out of it for some reason. I just figured they were out again since Brett couldn’t find it.