Looking for a couple old friends

I used to be a member quite a few years ago. Username was StoneReefer_210. I was wanting to reconnect with a few old friends. Is Moliken (Paul), SaltCreep (John), Dunk (Tim) or beadlock450r (Jason) still active or does anyone have their contact info?

Thank you for your time and consideration!

Here’s a old photo of my Acans:


Josh your name looks familiar! As far as I know all four of those guys are not active anymore. Last I talked to Jason he tore down his setup :disappointed:. Haven’t talked to John or Tim in years. You getting back in the hobby?

yea, I remember these guys… I think Paul kind-of moved away from the hobby when we lost decent places to shop around Dover and Premium Aquatics closed their doors. Dont know which John was SaltCreep, but John Gordon is still around. His mechanic buddy (drawing a blank on his name) moved to Fla with his woman, she took a Marine Biology position down there… I’ve seen a few of the “old heads” at some of the events still. Recognized faces, didn’t remember names.