Looking for a large 6 Line wrasse

I looking for a good size 6 line wrasse. Let me know if anyone has one for sale or if you have seen one at a fish store. Thanks

Hey Mike, how large are you looking for? I have 1 that has been banished to my sump for the past 6 months. pretty sure it is in the 2" range. It was great with my other fish til I got a mandarin.

He will do. How much and when and where can I pick him up? Where do you live.

How is $20 sound? When would you like to come and get it? I would have to bring it with me to work which is right in Newport.

That’s good. Friday is ok. If your at work. I’m in Bear, so we are close. Pm me your address and Inwill be there. Around noon? Le me know

Or Thursday or Saturday

Saturday should be fine I will try and capture the fish tonight and put it in a shroom box