looking for acros

The tank has been doing great with no problems at all in some time so I would like to get some more color and corals in the tank.

I have always been a fan of the millepora acros and acros that usually have a tri color effect (baby blue tips, pink body, white sweepers) But some of the prices online are just insane for what you get so I am putting out a feeler to see what you guys have. I am not looking for anything to crazy price wise but something that feels to be a good bang for the buck with some color. Depending on the size I think I would be anywhere from the $20-$60 range.

Also mention what lighting you are using. I am using a radion pro gen 4 set on coral growth 50% and have it set to acclimate to 55% over the next 2 weeks.

I got an awesome red planet frag from billrob71. He said he’s making up a ton of frags for the swap. Maybe you can swoop in beforehand :slight_smile:

That red planet you did get looked pretty nice. The swap is not until March which to me is to far away. I have been extremely patient. I’d say I have been looking online for a few months. I was holding off before just to make sure that the tank had the time to balance and make sure I felt comfortable with spending the money again.

On a side note I am also looking to get some clams again. I sure do miss those crocea clams and some of these blue/purple maximas

Worse… it is in May :slight_smile:

Bill goes to the meetings, you can probably arrange something with him if you’ll both be at a meeting before then :slight_smile:

I buy all of my clams from Dr. Mac.

anyone out there with some millepora? I have seen a few pictures of tri color validia and I liked it :smiley:

[quote=“JustSumGuy, post:5, topic:9006”]
anyone out there with some millepora? I have seen a few pictures of tri color validia and I liked it :D[/quote]

I have several different colors of Millie’s and whole bunch of different color Acros
Let me know if you wanna come over and check them out

Got a bunch of beautiful corals from Bill. Just about everything is showing some serious PE :). Pictures to come. A+ to Bill.

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Just some quick pictures from the phone of Bill’s frags

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Look great Jeff

Just looked at those pictures I don’t think I added the right ones. They look much better then the pics.