Lots of New Corals Posting

MACNA is finally here! Dr. Mac and the crew are all set up and looking forward to seeing everyone. Of course, we know that not everyone is able to make the show and we have not forgotten about our friends at home. We are open for business as usual at our retail facility this weekend and have lots of new corals posted with more to come. All kinds of cool stuff, especially frags that we just didn’t have enough room to take to the show. Here’s just a sampling of the most recent additions:

[quote=“Pacific East Aquaculture, post:1, topic:2136”]

Did this one sell yet? Have a special name for it?

Yes, that one did sell. It’s one of the Caribbean Rhodactis, sometimes called St. Thomas polyps.

Errr. Snooze you lose. You guys don’t seem to sit on much of anything for long, lol. Suppose that is what happens when you have the good stuff. Thanks for letting me know.