lugol's iodine? you thoughts

What it says. Anyone use/ recommend. I hear a lot of people do it for soft corals, and then Revive for LPs and sps

anyone have some that they would like to get rid of/sell me?

I’ve used both in the past and have both on my shelf as well as other dips that I use if I see a specfic problem during QT. I will likely start doing an iodine dip on every zoanthid I get soon as they have SOOO much crap on them. That being said I have in the past incountered larger invertebrates that live on and eat zoanthids which neither Kent’s dip or iodine would remove.(at least with the dosage and timing I used, only experienced a couple of times)

Most LFS carry Iodine in some form or another. I would recommend it for soft corals like zoanthids, but I would read up on it and the coral before doing so. Zoanthids inparticular are one you may consider using it on. One section of this book has the best read I have found yet for hobbyist on this topic:

I would highly recommend Revive for stonies.

Thats what i heard. I have revive. I use it on my Zoa now, and it gets some stuff off, but i have heard there is better… Any particular brands of iodine to use?

What are you trying to get off? Is this something in your QT or you display?

just to have… and i QT everything now…

Oh, so you just heard that Revive will get some stuff off your zoas, but haven’t seen it remove something off your zoas.

O no, i have seen it get a nudi, and some other bug like things off… i just heard that Iodine was better…

It is really strong stuff. It is possible it could harm the zoas though. Some people will only use it if they have to if they see something specfic that other things won’t treat. Really should read the section of that book. Too long for me to type the whole thing. Maybe check for it on Electronics, Cars, Fashion, Collectibles & More | eBay

Okay, how long is it?

The section you would have to read is about 5 pages. Would only take you a couple hours. :wink:

Haha, jerk lol jk… if you dont mind bringing it to the dinner i could flip through it real quick… i have good memory… but i dunno 5 pages… if i average 30 min per page… i think i might not get it done… and that would be on the fast side of my reading

i use trop marins pro coral cure which is bassically lugols, on everything. no ill effects yet.

I’ve never used iodine on any softies, I heard it wasn’t good for them?

I use regular Iodide Tincture from Rite-Aid or w/e for sps.

[quote=“IanH, post:13, topic:2461”]
I’ve never used iodine on any softies, I heard it wasn’t good for them?[/quote]

[quote=“Gordonious, post:2, topic:2461”]
I would recommend it for soft corals like zoanthids, but I would read up on it and the coral before doing so. [/quote]

Reason I said this is there may be some it bothers. Xenia for one could be effected negativly. Some people read xenia likes iodine, they add it to there tank, and it kills all there xenia and only there xenia. It has a lot in it’s tissue, but that doesn’t mean it appriciates large quantities of it in the water. It’s just people passing around random bits of information.

Bottom line. In an ideal situation it would be best to QT the coral until it’s healthy, break off a small piece and dip it and see if it survives. If the piece you dip doesn’t survive then don’t dip the rest of it or modify the treatment for a future frag if there is a particular pest. And actually I would go into a lot more detail and be a lot more perfect, but an ideal situation is usually not the case or what reefers are willing to go through.

It is usually not best to dip corals, “just because”, and then drop then in your display. Monitor them and see if there is specific reasons to dip, then pick a dip depending on the problem AND the coral.

My two cents

Okay, thanks…

yes, but we all dont have the time or patience to monitor corals in qt, and we want to see em RIGHT NOW! so we dip :smiley:

I can see all the corals in my QT. It’s possible to enjoy your corals while they are in QT even. Some people enjoy rolling the dice with there investment. Others don’t mind fighting flat worms or aptasia, or plucking bubble agae, but I would rather spend my time with the next DIYS project or fragging. To each there own.

I love the sarcasm. What if some people dont have the space for a QT, and, like you have said, you dont really have 1 display tank, you have 14. If someone has 1 tank i think they want to put everything in asap. Russian roulette. But there has to be some precaution that is a good defender for new corals without QT. Im going to QT but some people cant.

is it really considered qt if the individual doesnt have a dt??

I have done things both ways and if you are careful and religously dip all incoming corals you might be okay for a long while, but eventually something will get by you. I have recently set up a 15g no frills qt. tank in my closet. I don’t think your qt. has to be anything elaborate. Just a container that will hold water, a powerhead or two for flow, and a little light. I will leave corals here for a few weeks to observe. I will still dip all of my incoming corals because I still think it is a smart thing to do. Some harmful organisms are very tiny and could me missed unless you do a dip and then closely examine the dip water afterwards.

This is just what I am doing now. No need for sarcasm Jon. :stuck_out_tongue: I am sure all of us have battled some pests if we have been in the hobby for a long enough time. I am guessing you adpoted your current procedure threw trial and error over the years, just as the newer hobbyist must do now.