MACNA Details & Preorders

We’re just about done with our MACNA preparations and things are looking awesome! For those of you who don’t know, we’re going to have a huge double booth up front near the main entrance. We’ll have both our big show tanks set up and TONS of stock! The stock list includes SPS, LPS, and soft coral frags, rare Chalices, some gorgeous new Australian pieces, beautiful clams, and a few other surprises as well! There will definately be something for everyone and we look forward to seeing all our friends at the show (and making some new ones!).

PREORDER Information:
We’re also ready to start taking preorders for delivery at the show for anyone who has a specific piece or two in mind and wants to make sure they get them. Here’s how it works:

-Preorders MUST be picked up on the first day of the show on Friday. We are going to have tons of stock on display and there simply will not be room to hold preordered items until Saturday or Sunday. Items not picked up on time may be resold to make room.

-All instock items posted on the website are eligble for preorder, including corals, inverts, and fish. These items will be billed at current website pricing.

-The deadline for preordered items is Wednesday, September 23rd. If you are ordering items from our Limited Edition page, we need your order by Tuesday morning at the latest to guarantee we have time to get these items ready for you.

-To place a preorder, you must call us (toll free 877-887-5224) or place an order online (you won’t actually be charged for shipping/box), we will not take preorders via the boards. You may pay when you place your order, or pay cash at the show. Either way we will require a credit card be provided in order to hold your items.

If you have any other questions regarding preorders or the show, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to help you out!

This Friday–Saturday–Sunday–THE EVENT OF THE YEAR

If you are anywhere in the Eastern half of the country the drive to MACNA will be an easy one this year as the event is hosted by the NJ reef club and is located at Atlantic City, NJ. The NJ reefers are masters of hosting such events so this should be one of the very best MACNAs ever!!!

There will be tons of great vendors with every imaginable type of reefkeeping equipment and livestock for you to look at, touch, ask about, and buy. World renowned speakers are lined up to help answer your most detailed questions, entertainment of the finest imaginable, and the shear fact that you will be there with over 1000 fellow hobbyists all with the same goal in mind–learning how to better keep our critters in our personal reefs.

IF YOU ARE A BEGINNER OR ADVANCED HOBBYIST THIS IS THE ONE EVENT YOU MUST ATTEND!!! NO WHERE ELSE WILL YOU BE SURROUNDED BY SO MANY FELLOW HOBBYISTS, LIVESTOCK, AND EQUIPMENT!! Come for the weekend or JUST ONE DAY, it will be well worth your time. While online forums such as this one are great, there is no comparison to actually living reefkeeping live and in person at the grand daddy event of the year–BE THERE!!!

Stop by our booth and say Hi!! we will be offering for sale 100+ clams, 1200+ frags, our own unique Pieces Of The Reef, our own exclusive Australian Ultimate Rainbow Acans, and so much more. All at special super low show prices!!!