Make sure to come look at all my corals at the fragswap

Sorry everyone for not getting pics and prices post. its been nuts up here lol. I will be bringing zoa’s, nems and red sea fans with yellow white ish polyps ,chili coral down with me so come take a look. I will have my computer down there with me so you can pay with paypal or cash at the swap as well. Hope to see you all there.

Hey Craig, we are still a go on me bringing the MH setups to the swap for you.

yep see you there

You bringing and carpet nems Craig???

got minis and hadoni I will try to get pics up lat tonight of what we have when I get back down there.

Gotta see pics of the hadoni, and need a $$$ too.

all of them are 14+ when open depending on color $75 to $160 each
here are 2 pics let me know if you see one you like

very nice looking

anyone want good size colonys of yuma’s , rics or zoa’s let me know the colonies are $ 55 each for ether zoa’s, ric’s, yuma’s they are about 4x4 for zoa’s cover and 4x5 with 10+ rics or yuma’s.
thanks craig