Mega Hot!

Our Clearance Sale continues through this week, and we’ve been super busy adding MEGA HOT new stock to the sale! These are crazy cool corals at incredible low prices. Have a look at just a few of the recent additions…

We’ve also got some super nice anemones available. Check this guy out:

We are still adding cool new stock to this sale, remember it ends this Saturday! Here’s some of the awesome stuff we added yesterday:

We’ve also got a HUGE shipment coming in today. Loads of corals, inverts, and other goodies. Should start going up on the site over the weekend and early next week so keep an eye out.

Last chance for our 60% off coral clearance sale, ends tomorrow!

A few of the corals/inverts recently posted:

Neon Cat’s Eye Zoanthids

No Fear Zoanthids

Radioactive Neon Emerald Zoanthids

Blue-Purple Polyp Montipora danae

Frog’s Eye Zoanthids

Electric Lime Clove Polyps

Green-Teal Polyp Stylophora

Intense Blue Zoanthids

Rare Orange Stylocoeniella armata

A cool Marbled Fromia Starfish–this guy has been in our greenhouse system for over 6 months and doing great.