Mega Updates on Our Website! Tons of New Stock!

Tons of new stock posted including colonies, WYSIWYG frags, under $15 frags, inverts, anemones, Aussie and much more to come in the next few days. Aussie 25% off sale as well!

Pacific East Aquaculture

Cultured Yellow Tip Rose Acropora

Cultured Lavender Lady Acropora

Cultured Flameout Acropora

Cultured Blueberry Bush Acropora

Cultured Flame Tip Staghorn

Cultured Supergirl Monitipora

Lime Zest Acanthastrea

Space Invaders Pectinia

Superman Mushroom

Ultimate Rainbow Lobophyllia

A lot of NEW STOCK posted and more to come! Check out our website!

Pacific East Aquaculture

Ultra Acanthastrea lordhowensis

Cultured Aussie Electric Elegance

Cultured Key Lime Acropora

Orange Pistol Shrimp

ReefSafe Haitian Knobby Starfish

Symbiotic Acropora Crabs

Hundreds of under $15 frags posted! Buy six get the seventh for FREE!

Under $15 Frags:

Chili Peppers Mushroom-$10.99

Aussie Acanthastrea lordhowensis-$14.99

Blueberry Polyp Acropora-$13.99

Goldenrod Zoanthids-$11.99