Merry Christmas indeed

I just came home and found this on my doorstep! It’s a Christmas miracle and I feel like a kid again!

If anyone else is getting something for their tank this year post your pics.

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Cool, let us know if it’s worth it!

Nice skimmer.
Only tank related gift to myself was the trident everything else has been car related.

Got me an Apex EL. Can’t wait to set it u

SizzleFun and JustSumGuy what are your first impressions of your new skimmer and Trident or are you waiting until Christmas?

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I’m going to wait for Christmas. :slight_smile:

I’ve been battling nitrates (25+ppm) and would like to add tangs to the tank. I’ll post my water parameters to let you all know the results.

I am a bit mixed on the trident atm. Trident matches my api kit but not my hanna. Not sure if im having a micro bubble issue with the line or what. It said I didn’t need to calibrate and that it may take a few days to balance out. I have a baseline I go off of for now. The tanks have been getting neglected lately