Monti/Birdsnest Frags

I am looking for some monti cap and some birdsnest frags of different colors! Let me know what you have available.

I have some purple monti I can drag for you. I’m in Smyrna de

I sent you a PM!

I have pink and green birds nest if you want

I have purple monticaps and green slimmer. And Hawkins Echinata. Orange monti digitata

Thanks all I will be in touch!

Anyone have any green or red monti cap frags. How about green tipped orange birdsnest or ponopae birdsnest? I am looking for some frags.

I’ve got some red monti and a small assortment of SPS frags from a local tank breakdown. 19464

Sweet! Looks like you have both a red and green cap! Ill send you a PM.

I got a piece that my tang fragged for me.

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Thanks again Greg!! Anyone have any type of green monti caps, green tipped orange birdsnest and/or purple or green pocillspora? Let me know!!