More 2-Part Dosing Questions

I think I’m really getting a feel for the dosing and it’s impact on my tank but there is one thing I’m still a little hung up on.

Randy’s Recipe calls for equal parts of Calcium and Alkalinity and urges us to only dose in equal parts. He says minor corrections may be necessary but to resist the temptation to dose in unequal parts.

Well after several months of dosing I’m quite confident in saying that my tank consumes calcium faster than the alkalinity portion.

At 0.3 ml/gal of the Alkalinity solution I observe my Alkalinity slowly rise by 0.15 DKH per day. And it’s pretty damn consistent.

At 0.3 ml/gal of the Calcium solution I observe my Calclium slowly drop by about 2.5 PPM per day. Again, very consistent.

I’d like to start leveling off the Alkalinity now that my tank is hitting 8.2 PH at 10.4 DKH and 420 PPM.

According to my data, I think the tank wants about .2 ml/gal of Alkalinity and .5 ml/gal of Calcium. Is it ok to dose in uneven portions like this?