More Fireworks!!

We’ve added Sponges and Clams to our 30% Off Fireworks Sale!! Also, new corals just posted.

WYSIWYG Clams 30% Off listed prices
Maxima Clams for Sale | Crocea | Squamosa | Derasa for Reef Aquariums

WYSIWYG Sponges 30% Off listed prices
Gorgonians and Sponges

WYSIWYG Frags 30% Off listed prices
All Frags

WYSIWYG Colonies 30% Off listed prices
Coral Colonies | Rare Corals | Reef Aquarium Lighting | Supplies

WYSIWYG Aussie 30% Off listed prices
Australian Coral Colonies and Frags for Sale | Acanthastrea lordhowensis Frags

Beside all our great 30% off sale items, we also have our Under $15 Frag selection. You get 1 FREE for every 6 you buy!!

We have a huge variety of Under $15 frags, everything from Acros to Zoathids and we update this page on our site several times every week. We sell several hundred of these frags every day so we are constantly adding more. All of these are grown at our aquaculture facility. If you were to visit us you would see thousands of these smaller aquacultured frags growing in our greenhouse and throughout our facility. We have several employees and interns that work daily growing, cutting, and maintaining these frags. When you are in our area please stop by some time and check us out.

Some samples of our Under $15 frags

More new corals posted.

Our 30% off sale continues.