MP-10 needed for up grade

Anyone have a MP-10 for sale. Looking for an upgrade for Lori’s tank. So I can also hook it up to the battery backup that I have for her vortex main pump

I have a used one. How much are you willing to pay. I can let it go for 100. Let me get some pics as well tomorrow. I have a mp 40 as well I can let go for 200. And a second head I can sell for 50. Let me know.

Lol Mike. You need it just let me know ;).

I’ll take the MP-10for 100$. How old is it. Can you send me a picture. Thanks

Thanks Jon. I’m good on the MP40S. I have 2 on my tank with an Extra wet side.

Actually I forgot it was in my salt mixing can. I’ll send a pic. If you want you can have it actually. Might need to clean it up

Sounds good. I’ll clean it

Jon, ant pic yet. Thanks