My 39 I mean my wifes 39 cadlight just a couple pics

Set this up little while ago for the wife and it’s turned out to be a real nice tank and now doing better then mine. >LOCO<

That is a very nice tank Bill. You did a good job. But, am i counting right.? you only have 12 clams in the 39? It must only be about a month old.

Thanks Ken

I think theres 11 in there, the tank has been running since July but most of the clams are from my big tank since I had a big problem with a clam eating flat worm that killed a bunch, so I pulled all that survived out.

Bill I have to ask… Guess I missed in an earlier pic, but is that the other blue maxi??? PBJ!

yo bill, very nice! but no angel/clam problems??

[quote=“Jcling, post:4, topic:3741”]
Bill I have to ask… Guess I missed in an earlier pic, but is that the other blue maxi??? PBJ![/quote]

Which one Jared? If it's the ones on the right there pretty much all maxi's over there. 

The big one on the left is a rescue crocea that was about dead and was brown when I got it,doesn’t look real bad now.

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yo bill, very nice! but no angel/clam problems??[/quote]

Not any real problems Paul does nip every once in a while but if he stays fed he is usally on good behaivor.

Looks really nice bill. So much better then my wife’s tank with it’s 4 fish and no corals.

Clams look fat and happy, love the choice of fish.

Very nice tank your wife has there Bill and great pics showing everything in the tank. All the clams on the bottom look so natural, I like the landscape.Cool.

Thanks guys 

 Craig she robbed my tank , not like she would go out and pick something out herself  >:::  My tank lookin like crap and hers looks nice go figure.

Thanks John I’d like to get more of them up on the rocks but you know they won’t stay put long enough to attach, there always bouncing around. ;D

Really, who’s the one take care of it to say its her tank? I use the same excuse. Looks really nice Bill. Are one of those acros a red planet or strawberry short cake that I see on the front left?

Ya Bill… guess I was really clear on that one :stuck_out_tongue:

One of the little blue maxi’s looks like the kind we got at the store, so I wondered if you picked the last one up :slight_smile:

Beautiful reef tank Bill, great job. GolfC

Awesome Bill. i saw the build on reef-geeks.

Thanks Reefman she looks at it and tells me what she likes and doesn’t like with it but thats about it. There is a strawberry short cake but it’s almost in the center twards the right. The one on the left twards the front im not sure what that one is. It’s changed colors alot since I got it. The one behind it is a pink milli.

Jared that is a clam from DPA but I’ve had it for awhile now.

Thanks Rosti

Thanks Brett.