My day at MACNA

So wow! I got there at 11:45 , recieved my bags of Swag and wondered off to the floor room. It was AWESOME! I got to see so many people, worskhops, CORALS, fish, vendors. The prices on corals were the best ive ever seen. Platinum picassos to wyoming whites… I met the ORA guys, and i have to say they are the nicest people ever! There display was incredible. The stuff they do to clowns is wow. I just wish the LFS didnt jack up the prices so high, they charge like 8x what ORA charges them . I met the live aquaria guys, they were ok, great setup nothing for sale though. Ocean Galleries was an awesome store. I spent like 300$$ there. I got an orange torch ive been wanting, dendros, acans… I have so many pics ill let them speak for itself Oh, and the pic with the girl n guy is My gf and her dad… NOT ME:)

wow you had a fun time… shame i didnt see you there… Wasnt it amazing i have pics of the ORA stuff and the seahorses… i only spent 140 but i waas limited due to my lighting… got some nice stuff… a lot of free stuff… could of gotten more… but ya it was a fun day…

thanks to the ORA display, Im getting a Solana 67 XL, like the ones they had on display!!! My GF saw it and said guess what were getting!!! I dont know if my nano’s are history or if i can keep all 3!! We’ll see.

what basis do u make the comment about lfs’ mark ups??? im not real sure what u think ora charges for their stuff, or where u r buying your fish, but i think accusing the stores of basically “gouging” is way off. just a sharp comment with no info to base it on, thats all. im sorry if thats what u have encountered.
beautiful stuff tho… i wanna see pics of the torch. im still waiting for mine!!!

do you know who that person is in the pic with the vats wit rics i think it could verywell be me… if its not someoen you know…

I have no idea who it is… Is it you…?

and fishguy , sorry if i wasnt clear, I am talking about the Platinum Piccasso mark-ups, I spoke with ORA and the guy said they charge a little over 100$ per platinum, and the LFS charges $750.00!!! I know its in high demand, with the stock not following, but not high of a demand charging $750. Wymoning whites are the same look wise and are less than half that. The ORA guy even said they wish there was some way to regulate it.

I dont want an argument, I am not saying LFS i go to over charge for fish, or anything else. I would state so in their specific part in the forum if i thought i was getting gouged

Magician Paly’s!!
Lights just came on , and these were the first guys awake!

wow sweet… whenever you get to fraggin them when the time comes around i want a frag. and i think it was me, cause i was takin pics to and trying to get out of your way… smalll conference room lol…

lol, probably!! It was smaller than i thought , but jam packed with awesome stuff

These are the new corals in my Biocube 8, My 24 is getting a water change so more pics of the big stuff later

whered you get that cotten candy looking ric… i love it and the light blue did u get those yesterday… WHERE lol i couldn’t find anything like them.

yea i got them all yesterday at spelling is wrong, corilimorologics… They even have a site, i have to look at the card they gave me lol. All they do is dive around Miami and hand pic rics

was that the place who had the 2 tubs just black and were selling only rics and zoo… the one in your pictures ^^^^ up there… the pic im in … they only had orange and green when i got there…

that was the place!!! lol, but that was after i boughtem YahoO

but their ite has some i believe

damn the ones you got are nice… lol how much u get them for if you dont mind me asking… i got a lot of cool looking ones that are about to split … but ya… damn should have gone there sooner…

just checkout their website… ehhh so so pretty much what they had there is all they sell nothing to diff… but i like what i got there and was pretty cheap

all were like 10 or 15$ tops, discount for buying alot also

day 1 feeding time!!! Still gotta keep the same schedule , leave it or eat it!!

sweet and i got no discount hmph