My new RODI

I just wanted to share a quick note of thanks to DRC and Air, Water, and Ice for the brand new RODI unit that I won at the raffle during our meeting earlier this month. I installed it yesterday with no issues. The installation was very easy, and even very intuitive.

My initial impressions are that the unit is very well built, easy to install, and works as expected. I have only created a small amount of water to do a top-off, but was pleased with it. I have also found a source for watering my plants (the non-pure water). I had almost purchased one of these at a ‘big-box’ hardware store, but returned it. There is no comparison.

I would recommend an AWI RODI to someone based upon what I have seen thus far. Thanks again!


Very cool Rob,

Make sure you let it run little bit before using it. The water membrane has a preservative that needs to be washed out.

Very cool Rob. It sounds as if it couldnt have gone to someone who needed one more.

I want to thank Air Water and Ice for their generous donation. Their products are top of the line and their customer service is second to none. Thank you Rob and everyone else for participating in the raffle and thank you AWI for making it happen!

I actually read the instructions on this set-up. I ran the unit for an hour + and then made some pure water. I am interested in seeing if this helps with the algae. I’l be sure to report back.

i have almost the same unit from them and my TDS meter reports 0 after 6 months of use still.

enjoy the clean tank!

[quote=“1st8Eer Reefer, post:4, topic:2726”]
I am interested in seeing if this helps with the algae.[/quote]

You’ll wake up one day in about 2-3 months and turn the lights on and you’ll go “Wow - this tank is crystal clear” and then you will remember switching to RODI. It doesn’t happen overnight but very very soon you will slap yourself in the head and wonder why you didn’t get an RODI months ago.

lol are we rubing it in that you won the ro/di with one ticket and my 7 tickets lost ?

I am looking forward forward to seeing the results of using my new RODI for six months. After just a few brief uses, I can see a difference in the growth.

As to rubbing in the fact that I won with only one ticket…well let’s say that this is not the first time I won a raffle, so I am a skilled “raffler”. Now if I could just win a frag! ;D

And then within the next 2 months, you will wake up at 2 am after a bad dream and go HOLY $hit. To run to the RO system and see that it had been running for 12 hours straight and overflowing. Done that twice. Its amazing how clearly i can hear my fathers screams 3 stories away when theres over 100 gallons of water covering the basement and leaking under the finished hardwood floors…

And I thought I was the only one. I do that about once a month. over flow the barrel and flood the kitchen and hall carpet. Keep your wet-vac handy.

Hey you guys should try using one of these. they really make life easier. verdict_in

And one of these too!

I have them, just never put them in… o well

John if you have one I can set it up the next time I come over. Seriously takes less than 10 minutes. 2 minutes if you already have a hole drilled in your vat. Very easy.

Sweet, okay dokay… if you wouldn’t mind… Im just always afraid to keep pressure up in the system in-case one of the tubes pops out or a seam breaks…

If you have both parts John mentioned(the Auto shut off and the float) it shouldn’t be an issue. There is always risk as with anything, but if you want you could continue to set reminders in your phone and try to run down and shut it off in time and just hope if you forget that it will work. At home I used it primarily as a backup emergency if I had to run out the door and forgot it type thing. I say, “used” as I know at this moment the valve to my RO is open, the vat is full, and I have confidence there isn’t a spill or leak as I have left it that way many times.

I have both of those parts, but my only fear is the tube connecting each chamber of the Ro/Di might pop. But i guess it would be good as a back up… ima go look at it and see if i can make sense of it again…

[quote=“Marchingbandjs, post:16, topic:2726”]
but my only fear is the tube connecting each chamber of the Ro/Di might pop.[/quote]

I have never personally seen it happen and I’ve seen a lot of them in use in many different environments. If you have the parts already might as well use it as a back up. Let me know if you have questions or I’ll just hook it up the next time I’m over.