My Over Flow & Fuge

I checked out your video, looks to be working good for you. what do you plan on stocking in the tank? If the intake tube gets something sucked in, or onto it, things could get messy.

Not a bad set up.

After the freebees run out from the reef club you may look at just using a GFO media and carbon. A lot cheaper then the Chemi clean stuff and pretty much the same thing. Chemi-clean has a little bit more to it, but the slightest benefit doesn’t usually justify the expense.

One think you might consider is some sort of dark colored divider between the fuge and the other compartments. The down side to a sump/fuge is algae growing on your equipment and in your clear tubing for your return line. Don’t have to remove the clear and glue something in, but if you can find something reef safe to set in that will block light it may make maintenance a bit easier.

I used a similar siphon set up for a long time, but in the end ended up buying drilled and then drilling myself. You do want some sort of strainer for the intake of your drain pipe as John said, otherwise fish or snails will jam it and your in trouble. I would buy something made for bulk heads. DO NOT go with DIY filter floss or something else that will easily jam with fish food and overflow when you are not home.

To help moving things along quickly pick up some LR from somewhere ASAP and get it in the system. Takes a while for things to balance out for a new tank. It would be best to get some rock in as soon as you can to start the process.

Good luck.

Thanks for the advice and feedback I had some screen on thip of the pipe but got sucked in so I learned th e hard way luckly it came right out as for the over flow the way the sump works is the first half dont flow unless it flows over so no supply that stops and only drains half of the sump witch is not enough to flood it but it would probly damage my pump. But I just got a 125 that I pick up in the morn that I’m gonna drill or get drilled and use a 55 gal tank for the sump/fuge so I’ll be looking for some advice on getting the holes in because I never drilled threw glass and I really dont want to is there some one who does this stuff?

There are plenty of people in the club with experience in drilling tanks. I’m sure if you ask nicely someone will volunteer to help you out.

Where is Reefer from? Seems like half the new people are out of staters.

Chesapeake city right on the MD/DE border.

[quote=“Gordonious, post:6, topic:3624”]
Where is Reefer from? Seems like half the new people are out of staters. [/quote]


Expand your bubble Jon, nice to see all the new people

Craig said someone local could drill a tank for him. Wasn’t sure if I should get an address of suggest he find a local reef club, lol.

Reefer it is a used 125? What are the dimensions? Do you know what brand of tank it is and what sides are tempered?