Narrowly averted a disaster!

I got suuuuuper lucky this morning. We were all downstairs making breakfast when we heard what sounded like a pump shooting water at the surface of the tank. I was trying to think what pump it could be while I ran over to assess. It was my algae reactor! It was spurting water straight out of the sump and onto the floor.

I quickly turned it off (it’s on an easy to access switch), but there was already about a gallon of water on the floor. That could have been soooooooo bad. I need to think through what I can do to mitigate that risk further.

Two of the screws that hold the top on gave way. I think at least for a first step I’m going to order longer ones. I might swap them out for t-nuts so I can really crank them down.

Whoa. I’m so glad you heard it and recognized the sound.

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Glad to hear all is OK. What brand incase others want to keep and eye on it or switch out screws.

DIY :slight_smile:

This is all on me. Haha

If you have a alex it might be worth getting the leak detection kits. Glad you caught that in time

The watchdog that BRS sell is a great water detector only cost like 15 bucks!

My Reef Angel has the capability. I think the sensor is expensive though.

I have some leak alarms (brand new, unopened) in the basement. I should drop one by the sump and on the floor

Sometimes you gotta break it down, is it worth buying? Is your floor and tank worth more then the kit :slight_smile:

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Don’t you logic at me! :stuck_out_tongue:

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