Nassarious Snails

A lot of you got a chance to see the amount of nassarius snails i have in my tank and the job they do on keeping my substrate clean.
Im going to start yanking these guys out of my display and putting them in my fuge to cut down on their numbers. If anyone is interested i will trade
25 of these guys for a frag(sps preferred) or i will entertain any other offers. If anyone just wants a few(5 or so) to seed their tank you can have them
for free. My first generation snails(the big ones) mainly dwell in the sand but the babies seem to go all over the place. Although i have never bought cerith snails, after doing a little homework thats what the smaller ones look like although the larger ones are clearly nassarius. Im not sure if the shell lightens as they get older
or if somehow these are cerith but either way they are great snails.

Are these the actual nassarius snails or the black ones they sell on ebay by the hundreds?

If they are the regular nassarius snails are they spawning in your tank? I have maybe 2 large ones but iv seen several babies that mainly stay on the sand but as you described look like cerith snails… do the babies ever grow to full size?

no. these arent the obsleta? snails.

i bought something like 20 nassarius vibex several years ago and that is the only snails i had in my tank asides from turbos. these babies do get bigger but i think for the most part the get eaten by the crabs before they can get large. i have several med size and a bunch of larger that look more like the nassarius. to me the small ones look like cerith but i have no idea how that can be because i really dont recall every buying cerith.

I was thinking about picking some up at the store, but if you want to trade some that would be even better. All I have to offer at this point what I already posted about. Let me know.

sure. ill take a piece of that yellow cap and see how it does in my tank. i havent gotten them out of the tank yet but you can just bring over a bag and grab as many as you want.

Cool bean. I may not get a chance to get over there until next week though. Very busy week ahead.

no hury

Ok, to clear things up a little, mainly for myself, i did a little research. My snails definitely arent the whelks that are being sold as nasarius obseleta. they are nassarious vibex. i think my confusion came from the fact that i have two different types of nassarius in my tank. the lighter shell nassarius and the vibex. it would seem that the whelks are clam killers and my clam has been doing great for a couple of weeks. i notice snails on the clam’s shells periodically but never on the mantle. Ive had them in my tank for a couple of years and the only problem i have with them is how fast they reproduce, other than that they seem perfect. My cleaning crew consists of only nassarius snails and maybe 20-30 hermits. They keep my tank spotless. Again, if anyone else is interested in any, let me know.

about 1/4 inch long, looks like small white spots. dangerous or nice?

Looks like a nudibranch or sea slug of some sort. Looks like when I had baby lettuce sea slugs. Cant tell you if its good or bag, but most arent that good or dont last long (unless they are coral eaters).

thanks. I had lost a lettuce sea slug, and it looks like a very small one of those, but wanted a second opinion. hope it is.

I agree it does look like a lil lettuce nudi (sea slug). Cool. How long ago did you loose yours?

If you had one, look around the tank some more. With some luck, you may find a few more.

mine’s missing for a week, ian. was doing great, too.

check the sump too…I had one that liked it down there.

or its just the orginal big lettuce nudi shrinking from hunger.

that would be a remarkable shrink! nutrasystems, jenny craig and weightwatchers combined. i really don’t think so.

Have to go with Icy on this. Really hard to tell.

If it ends up on a soft coral, then never leaves the soft coral, and the soft coral seems to close it’s polyps and not do well I would remove the animal from the tank. If it wonders all over I would leave it be.

Keep an eye on it.