Need some guidance on drilling & plumbing a 125

If you were in my shoes and just got a standard 125 (NOT reef ready), how would you set up the overflows and where/how many holes would you drill?

I’m bouncing back and forth between essentially 3 different ideas but I’m anxious to hear any 1st hand knowledge/experience. Unfortunately the Internet can be counter productive sometimes and it’s just information overload on the subject so I’m tubring ro the folks I trust most :slight_smile:

I’d go bean animal for the return.

Well for starters you need some sort of overflow. You might want to consider a ghost overflow or building a coast to coast overflow. And then as adam said the bean drain system or a herbie. I have the drill bits to drill the tank, i have 3/4,1",1.5,and i think 2"

I’m going to use one of these on my next system. Already set up for bean animal and comes with a drilling guide.

Yup thats the ghost overflow

That’s one of the three I had in mind.

I think I’m gonna do a combination between a ghost style like that and a coat-to-coast.

That being said, if I were to do the low-profile overflow and make it, say, 36" long (my thinking behind this is to increase surface skimming) should I drill holes at either end?

Lastly, with those ghost style OFs, do they just have a single drain hole drilled through the tank and then bulkheads coming out the bottom of an “exterior resevoir”?

Correct me if I’m wrong, but with the bean OF I would need 3 holes drilled, right? Two drain lines (one main and one emergency) and one return…I’ve never done aby thing but a durso so I’m a little hesitant but I’m guessing it’ll be like most other things in this hobby: daunting at first bit once you do it you realize it’s nowhere near as big of a deal as you initially thought, lol.

Jason, I’ve got the bits as well but I’m still a tad nervous to do a tank I actually care about, lol.

Do you have any plans of going to the meeting on Monday?

I ordered

it should be in this week, If it is I’ll bring it to the meeting on Monday

I ended up having a memorial service to attend in Baltimore so I couldn’t make it last night but I’m anxious to hear how you like the overflow.

I’m going back and forth on buying one versus trying to make one.

Quality looks good, came with all bulkheads and gaskets, does not come with a template but that is no biggie.

Thanks…once you get her installed id love to see some pics :slight_smile:

John any progress?

I wish I could say yes but the “boss” made an executive decision to put part of our tax return into new flooring (this is actually something we’ve been talking about for a while) so ive spent ever spare second pounding away at my floor nailer, lol.

Not to mention its already gonna be enough of a pain to move all the tanks already set up so Im waiting to finish this flooring project then tackle the new system.

Well, no, I lied…Does buying the acrylic to make my own overflow count? LMAO, I havent done a damn thing about putting it together yet but I have purchased the acrylic at least :slight_smile:

Step in the right direction, no?