Needed -Tank Sitter for a long weekend

I’m going out of town over July 4th weekend. I need someone to stop by on Sunday to feed the fish and top off the tank since my normal guy flaked out and “wants to spend time with the girlfriend” ::bs::


Just kidding I’d want to spend time with his girlfriend too ::drool::

Job pays nothing, and I do take pictures before I leave so I can tell if anythings been fragged - but at least you know you get the satisfaction of helping a guy out.

I could do that for you Craig. Im stuck at home with my tanks all weekend, every weekend. Just the one day? You are close by, piece of cake.

Thanks Ken. Yeah 1 day should be enough. We’re leaving on Friday and coming home Tuesday night. If you get bored and want to come over more often you’re welcome to, but I’m guessing I shouldn’t lose more than 5 gallons of water every 2 days and my fish don’t need to be fed that often.

We’ll get together to work out details in the next week or so.

ok, I’ll drop by before you go to learn the routine.