Neptune Apex vs ApexEL

Thinking about getting an ApexEL vs the full Apex since I have heard mixed reviews on the salinity probe and don’t feel a need to monitor ORP. For those of you that have personal experience using Apex, do you feel I will regret not getting the full Apex.

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I don’t own an Apex (morally opposed to Neptune’s products, but that’s a tale for another day :slight_smile: ), but here’s what I found:

Looks like the difference is, as you said, just salinity, ORP, and 0-10V dimming. The only one on there I’d care about is the dimming, if you need it. If you do, the VDM is $100 and you still save $200 off the full Apex. Everything else is exactly the same. Save the money, buy a nice coral :smile:

I my self have been thinking about getting one or going with ghl I think that’s it. Been looking on r2r for a used one

I hear great things about GHL. I personally use a Reef Angel and LOVE it.

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I keep reading rumors about an Ecotech aquarium controller coming soon. That sounds like it could be promising.

I know Steve Fauth just sold his GHL. I hear that it can be challenging to program, esp. if you aren’t versed in the arts of programming.

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I have decided to wait and see what echotech comes out with. Already really upset with them about G4s not on mobius. I was in the Neptune camp wait waiting to see what light they make but then felt ecotech while I’m angry with them and they are a newer company , they have better made products. As in the design. The thing that sells neptune is a long track record and all the features and extras to add. Apex El I heard is just as good but more offordable to start. I believe it can be upgraded to the same exact full system.

How easy is the reef angel to use. As I’m not the greatest texhnical person.

Super easy. They made a setup wizard that does pretty much everything for you.

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G4 pros if the production date was new enough were supposed to be supported by mobius. The app is ok but I do not like that I can not connect through my apex on the new lights.

As for the main topic I have to say I am a apex and ecotech “fanboy” the products work plain and simple. There are always going to be a couple not so good and those stories you will here about more then the positive sometimes.
As for the apex full version vs el. Get the EL if you really just want a controller. Orp is not important and the salinity probe does suck, i never got my salinity probe to calibrate properly and I tried different ways to get it to calibrate to just fail and fail again. Other then that probe everything is great.
I run my apex now on a total of 3 separate systems. It is so easy to program and add redundancies. The most important overlooked thing would be to have 2 temp probes in the system which unfortunately you would have to buy a pm module and probe to add another temp probe but worth it imo. After my fish finish qt it will go back to running 2 systems. It has saved my tank numerous times and I control everything through it except my 1 cheapo doser I use for po4,no3 and aminos. The DOS units are great mine are several years old now and I have not even had to replace a head yet. Modules are readily available if you wanted to connect you ecotech lights and pumps to it so its all in 1 app(except the new g5 light). I have not used the dimmer option on mine so I can’t say much about it but worse case you get a module for it. Used is fine for the apex stuff though its not typically a big savings.
The eb832 outlet has the 24v outputs if you are using other 24v apex gear so that you don’t have to waste a outlet, huge plus I have saved 3 outlets because of that alone.
Trident side of making a decision i am against since it is way to costly for reagents. 2 month reagent supply using the trident at its minimum setting is $45. I personally can not justify that…

Lastly if you need a way to justify a apex just add up the value of all of your corals and fish if they exceed the value and the system could save your tank once while you are now able to take vacations then it will have paid for itself. Trust me 100% worth it, I now can vacation and not worry and if I feel curious I can log on the app and check whatever I need to.

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Update: I was able to find a new unopened full Apex on Ebay for a great price. I’ve had it hooked up for about a week and first impressions have been great. Only issue is that I have lost connection with Apex Fusion a couple of times. As far as the salinity probe goes, my refractometer and Milwaukee MA887 salinity reading is 34 ppt but the Apex salinity probe has consistently been reading 40-41 ppt. I will just monitor for any fluctuations from this elevated range. As far as temp, I will continue to control my heater with an InkBird controller and use the Apex as secondary control. I like the various feed modes with ability to build delays in startup for things such as skimmer and ATO to allow time for the sump water level to drop. Non-controlling feature I like is the ability to log and track my tank parameters in Apex Fusion. It even automatically converts my Hanna ULR (Phosphorus) reading to ppm.

On a side note, I’ve been manually dosing NO3 and would like to get a dosing pump installed before I go on vacation. I think I’ve narrowed it down to either a Neptune DOS or EcoTech Versa but the Versa appears to be out of stock everywhere. Don’t have much experience in dosing pumps as I have been dosing Kalkwasser via my Tunze ATO with success. Any recommendations for a reliable dosing pump?