New categories added

I added a couple of new categories

Help and Advice



Any luck getting things to resize for mobile use

I have a S5 a 30in widescreen and a Asus 10in tablet it is resizes on all of them, I need to see what you are getting.

Screen shot. It doesnt scroll to the right or change when rotated

what phone and what browser?

Note5 and any browser,i normally use google

if you scroll all the way to the bottom do the other boxes show up there ?

Which boxes? The rest of the sponsors and all yes they are there i just cant go right

if you scroll all the way to the bottom, is there a user box and members online box?



The site is looking good!!! Lots of new categories!! It seems like you have implemented everything we discussed at the last meeting!!!

Frank i also dont see where my pms are? I got an email saying i have a pm but cant find the tab for it? Am i blind?

There is a link in the top menu called Private Messages and for your phone all the way at the bottom in the userbox