NEW Cultured Maxima Clams!

We just posted NEW Cultured Maxima clams.

We are running our popular “Our Pick” Cultured Maxima Clam Special this week!

Combo “Our Pick” 3 Cultured Maxima clams (1 blue and 2 assorted colors)-Only $169.99

“Our Pick” Blue Cultured Maxima -Only $89.99

“Our Pick” Assorted Colors Maxima -Only $59.99

Weekly Specials

Here are some examples of the clams we will be picking from for the “Our-pick” Cultured Maxima Clam special

Blue Cultured Maximas

Assorted Colors Cultured Maximas

NEW Weekly Specials today!

New corals added to our Build Your Own Frag Pack special! Frags as low as $12.50 each. See our Weekly Specials page-Build Your Own Frag Pack special for details!