new frag tank!!!

new 75gal frag tank is up and stocked!!! got 50 frags in yesterday and lookin good.
a lot of euphyllia (torches, frogspawn, hammers, and a few grapes) 1-3 heads… 2.5 - 3"
bubble corals,
3"+ different color zooanthid pieces,
gsp 3"+

anywhere from $10 to $20

gotta check em out!!!

will get some pics and a stock list up tonight

Any bright green torches?

like 3… better hurry b4 i get em!!! lol

couple pics of whats in the new tank so far…

Looks great. post thhe pics and list

Sweet, looking great and great prices too

I was in and saw this the other day, really does look good. Cdangelo, if you’re coming down to take a peek, let me know. I have a few things for you.

I’m trying to find time to get down to take a look. But I refuse to head south in this state on the weekends and the weeknights just seem to be too busy anymore. Maybe I can sneak out for a hwile tonight. What time does the store close?

sorry 4 the delay craig. 8 o’clock. every night but sunday.