New LED Build

OK I’m getting ready to order for my new LDD build and will be ordering PCB boards and LDDs

Is anyone else interested in getting some, have to order the PCBs in 10 packs and each will hold 4 or 5 LDDs
Each LDD is a channel and can run as little as 1 LED up to 12, so that means you could have White, RB, Blue, Violet and Red and have them independently adjustable.

More info can be found here Meanwell LDD driver: for those who want to dim to 0 using Arduino - Reef Central Online Community

I will also be building the controller for mine but you can use pots also.

where are you ordering from? website to look at for kits and stuff?

I will be ordering the PCBs from

I will be ordering screw terminals from Ebay

the number of LDDs will determine where I source them from.

LEDs I will be ordering from and for the 17,500K white, have to order 50 of them + will need to get 20mm star bases.

Heatsinks will be from

Sorry Ken, I don’t think I can get what I want from kits, I am trying to mimic an Orphek Atlantik

Frank, have you always been electrically wise, or are you learning as you go with the leds? it seems pretty intimidating to an electrical idiot like myself. I did learn to solder recently (r/c car stuff) so i’m making some progress.

I grew up on it John, my dad was a TV repair man for Sears in the 70’s and 80’s, I learnt to solder at around 8 or so and use a vacuum tube tester, multi-meter and read a schematic by 12, as we would go on house calls for friends and family to fix their TVs and misc electronics.

Yuda LED Man! I never heard of most of those companies. they pop up like flies these days. some day you got to tutor me a bit on LEd electronics and circuits. I understand the spectrums, not the wires. yup i just recently looked at the orpheck atlantic. they dropped the green, just a couple 660 reds and blues and whites. working out the blend. They seem to be the most comprehensive on spectrum research.