New Members From PEA

Here are the new members from today, given cards with the following numbers:

#1259 - Chris Lapotsky

#1260 - Maria Townsend

#1261 - Chris Grier

#1262 -Greg Wojeciechowski

John “houndsbayman” renewed and was given a card - I told him to write his number on there from his original card

I collected a total of $75.00 cash

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It was a good turn out today! Donavon save your receipt for Marty for the membership cards. He is coming to the June meeting at Mike’s house.

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Hey all! Glad to be a official member. Its spelled Lapotsky, if that matters.

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Sorry Chris, I will correct that

Haven’t been able to attend Saturday meetings due kid’s travel sports. Anyway to become an official member online?