New orders for the week of 07/08/13

Lots of new arrivals this week!
In our saltwater fish section, we received a great mix from Sustainable Aquatics. In fact, we are running a special on Tank-Raised Hippo Tangs. Regularly priced at $65, this shipment is selling for just $55. The clownfish we received range from standard Ocellaris to misbar Perculas.
We also received a stunning flame angel, an African flameback, amongst other beautiful fish.
Our coral shipment included stand-outs as well. Currently in stock we have a chili coral, elegance coral, metallic green torch corals, and various other selections.
Most interesting, we have decided to supply REAL REEF ROCK. This is a man-made product that looks just like the real deal. Like natural live rock, it comes fully seeded, including all of the bacterial benefits needed for a reef system. The benefits, however, don’t stop there. While it ships alive, it is 100% pest-free. It never touches the ocean. We are selling the rock at an introductory price of just $6.99/pound.
Not to forget about our freshwater order, we received a great supply of tetras, barbs, and plecos. In addition to our small 2” plecos, we also received larger ones in the 5-6” range. If you are looking for flashy schoolers, our albino barbs and bloodfin tetras look great!
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