NEW Partner-300+ NEW Coral Colonies!

We have a NEW Partner-Indo Elite Corals!

Our new hand-picking partner in Indonesia sorts through thousands of coral colonies and selects only the best for us! Over 300 NEW colonies in stock now! We are super excited about the quality and variety of these colonies.

On our website, Indo Elite Corals have the prefix IEC. Our pricing of these corals will be below normal retail!

With all these new corals we are OVERSTOCKED and need to make room!!! So, all Over $15 WYSIWYG Frags and WYSIWYG Australian Corals are 30% off until Wednesday, 10/8.

Indo Elite Coral Colonies

30% off Hundreds of WYSIWYG Frags

30% off Australian Corals

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NEW Indo Elite Corals- HOT Coral Colonies!

Click link for sizes and prices.

IEC Starry Dreamscape Chalice

IEC Mango Splash Chalice

IEC Electric Carpet Lobophyllia

IEC RARE Acanthastrea Maxima

IEC Purple Bullseye Zoanthids

IEC Witches Brew Acanthophyllia

IEC Strawberry Daiquiri Ricordea yuma

IEC Soul Stealer Goniopora

IEC Crazy Electric Zoanthids and Mushrooms

IEC Mega Metallic Lobophyllia

More IEC Coral Colonies just posted to our website! Awesome corals at great prices!

IEC Roses are Red Fungia

IEC Gold Rush Palythoas

IEC Single Polyp Metallic Gold Torch

IEC Rocket Flare Fungia

IEC Electric Lime Symphyllia

IEC Mardigras Lobophyllia

IEC Solar Eclipse Fungia

IEC Gold Coin Leptastrea

IEC Electric rim Acanthastrea bowerbanki

IEC Super Green Torch Coral