New Shipping Rates - TB Aquatics

New Flat Rate Dry Goods Shipping to anywhere in the US*

Orders under $50 $9.95
$50-$99.99 $13.95
Over $99.99 $19.95

*Excludes bulk chemicals 5lbs and over, which have shipping prices listed on item page for the item, and RO/DI Units. Those items do not count for ranges above.


Damnit! I forgot!!

“The TYPHOON model is our most popular reefkeeper RODI unit … We have now built & sold over 4,778 Typhoon units though August 2009… (and every one is still under our lifetime warranty.)”

Can anyone find it, just thought i would point it out… so it can be fixed

it’s tough to spot though I think i found it

i am impressed, young grasshopper.

Yeps, it was obvious, so i thought i would post here. I wonder if they every come online?

[quote=“Marchingbandjs, post:7, topic:929”]
I wonder if they every come online?[/quote]

Not since October 6th of last year.

So are they still an active sponsor or are they like ricordeausa

i read somewhere that we dont generally read every letter of every word. all we see is first letter and last letter and recognize the word for what it is… took me awhile to spot the typo.

i raed smoeherwe taht we dnot gneralley raed erevy lteter of erevy wrod. all we see is fsrit lteter and lsat lteter and rgocezine the wrod for waht it is… took me alihwe to sopt the tpyo.

Ya your correct. As long as the first and last are correct the rest can be scrambled… but in this case they just forgot a letter :wink: