new tank shots

wanted to show some growth

not this blue in person


ora birds next from jan - sept

few more

i like this first one a lot and the 2nd is one of the lil coral spawn growing in the tank.

how the crap did you get that growth on the birdsnest, ive had mine a month and have little more than a bulge for a new digit!

great tank!!!

oh what camera are you using, if its nikon i just recently figured out that the shade -3 setting for white ballance brings out the proper color in my pics

thanks the nest didnt do much for the first month or 2 so good luck with yours. i gf took the pic but i think it is a nikon ill ask her to try that thanks for the tip

omg , look how purple!! your tank is amazing

dam jon! u holdin out on me??? im cuttin u off on the xenia frags til i get a piece of the birdsnest… and whatever that red/green duncan lookin thing is… that little green frag u got from us is lookin real good. (name has slipped my mind right this second)

Looks great alot of nice growth!! ;D

not fraging the blasto yet but i think i could break u off some nest. xenia any one pm me.

trade my acan frags [lotsa choices] for your blasto, when u do make the cut and all is healed. pm for better pix.
general tank pic

nice tank ill let u know first when its time to frag. put these pics up as i am moving form the 75 to the 90 may have some frags that i didnt want to make when im done so ill let ppl know.

what kinda lights?

48 inch vho 2 10k 2 super atinic url or url bulbs i think

Its looking AMAZING guys. Glad everything is doing so well for ya.