new toys?

What did santa bring ya’ll for your tanks?

Santa brought you free chaeto and a frag to the meeting…never heard from you

got mine early
ai leds
vortech mp40w
gave santa a great big kiss.

i didnt get squat from santa but my mom bought me a skimmer. It shoud be here the first week of January.

hey moliken i just checked with santa…and he definitely said he dropped my stuff off at your house…

longballz, ya know, i kinda thought that might have been the case. but santa said you were naughty and i wasn’t when he checked his list twice. be better next year. maybe he’ll treat you right.

im getting mine late getting the AI lights just want to see a set working before she drops the cash

Craig, Jared has a set of his own at dpa, i’m sure he’d show them off to you!

John! I feel like a total jerk now! I got stuck out working that night as usual whenever there is something I want to do. I’ll have to pm you my number and we’ll meet up sometime. Perhaps at DPA:-) I got some gift cards too… PBJ! PBJ! PBJ!

holy crap. santa made it to my mailbox with a copy of Giant Clams in the Sea and Aquarium by James Fatheree, actually SIGNED by him
Best Wishes James Fatheree [really looks like J.F.] but it really came from him. my life is complete. dull life, i know.