New Ultra premium live rock

A fantastic selection of live rock is in stock. An old favorite, totoka is back. This is a highly sought after type of rock by those who love SPS frags. Frags and plugs fit right between crevices in the rock with no glue or epoxy! This rock is extremely light and porous. On deck and soon on display (curing nearly complete) will be Tonga branch live rock. A variety of pieces will be available for every taste. Single branch, multi-branch and fused multi-branch. This is LIVE with sponges, coralline and other beautiful organisms. We will also have Ultra premium Fiji with great color and Fiji branching, very similar to totoka, also with awesome colors. We cure all of our rock so you don’t need to. For those who prefer dry rock, we also carry a variety of sizes.

Aww man - I want some of that!!