NEW WYSIWYG Frag Packs and HOT Colonies!!!

We just posted NEW WYSIWYG Frag Packs-GREAT prices. Our WYSIWYG Frag Packs are always super popular and sell quickly! We also posted some really nice NEW colonies. Check out some of our new selections and also our weekly specials page (buy one get one FREE week!!!).

WYSIWYG Frag Packs

HOT Colonies

Weekly Specials Page (Buy one get one FREE week!)

Triple Montipora Frag Pack-$49.99

SPS Pack-$79.99

Ultra Acropora Pack-$79.99

Ultra Acropora Pack-$79.99

Ultra SPS Pack-$109.99

Ultra Acropora Pack-$89.99

SPS Pack-$79.99

Some Colonies Too!!!

XL Metallic Orange Lobophyllia-$249.99

Metallic Gold Wall Hammer-$199.99

NEW Colonies and WYSIWYG Frag Packs Posted!


WYSIWYG Frag Packs

Weekly Specials

Bright Red Lobophyllia-$159.99

Metallic Gold Hammer-$199.99

Eggplant Symphyllia-$199.99

To Die For Chalice-$249.99

Bullseye Lobophyllia-$89.99