Newest ULTRA Arrivals

Our coral selection this week will be the best of the entire year so far. We have several huge shipments arriving early this week that have all been hand-picked personally by Dr. Mac.

Please be sure to check our site daily as we post some of the new corals through this week and next, plus we have a shipment of super ultra Maxima clams arriving too!!

We have over 200 ultra colonies of Palys and Zoas arriving this week, every piece hand-picked by Dr. Mac for ULTRA color. We have over a dozen varieties of blues and lots of variations of pink and red and more!!

Ricordea—This is the week!!!
We have over 100 yumas and Ric. florida coming in this week, all hand-picked by Dr. Mac and every one of them is SUPER ULTRA

All kinds of weird and RARE corals, some really spectacular pieces
Check our site daily as we add several hundred of these corals throughout the week.

Acans of all variety and color

Lots of extra nice Blastomussa, Lobophyllia, Trachyphyllia, and more LPS

Lots of super nice Chalices too

So many corals coming in this week that we will not get them all posted this week, so keep an eye on our site over the next couple of weeks so you don’t miss out!

Woah! Nice stuff. You’ll be seeing me soon.