Next Meeting DECEMBER 15TH

[quote=“Ento_Reefer, post:13, topic:897”]
I am planning on attending as long as nothing comes up between now and Monday.[/quote]

Unfortunately something came up and I am ot going to be able to make it.

Hope to meet everyone next month.

I’ll be there with my gf.

Thank you to Rich at Armco for hosting our meeting last night.

Thank you to all of the members that came out for the meeting. We had a great turn out and covered some really valuable information.

Ken thank you for the lesson on water chemistry.

If you missed the meeting you missed out on probably one of the fullest, prettiest reef tanks I have ever seen (Sorry Icy you officially come in 2nd). Not to mention the storage area in the back that looks like my fishroom on steroids.

Hope everyone enjoyed themselves.

Someone tell me there are pictures

I’m not sure there are. I cam right from work so i didn’t have my camera, but there were others there before me, hopefully someone took a few.

Al, you could always attend the meetings…

Between work and the new guy I can’t make a Monday night meeting. Even if I had off I would have to stay home and watch the baby.

Bring the little guy, get him started early :wink:

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