NJ Reefers Club Frag Swap & Symposium October 25, 2008

New Jersey Reefers Club is preparing for our second annual Frag Swap & Symposium. For those of you who were there last year it will be more than twice the size! We’ve got a great speaker lineup from around the country and we’re recruiting local stores, On-line retailers, and local area Fraggers as vendors for the swap. We expect to have more than 30 booths, and have well over half of those already. We’ve gotten some excellent donations thus far with far more on their way. The raffles should be great.

To anyone who keeps a frag system, I suggest getting a table (or 1/2 or sharing a table with another reefer)! With a table you’ll be able to setup a tank and you’ll be marked on the map. Buyers will know where to find you and the cost of the booth is easily covered by the frags you’ll sell.

Hope to see you all there!

Thanks for the sticky, gang! The exhibit hall map is filling in:

The early bird pricing of 20$ is good through June 1 and goes up to 25$ on June 2.

edited to fix the dates

what do they give away???

There will be quite a few raffle prizes. We’ll have a Red Sea Max, 110g tank & stand, AWI Typhoon, an iPod and many other great raffle prizes. The goodie bags at the door will have pens, mouse pads, tshirts, food samples, literature, etc.

25$ is good for admission for you and your significant other which includes the trade show, speakers and full buffet lunch.

Raffle tickets are just 1$ per chance, no matter what it is!

35 vendors so far with only 5.5 booths remaining.

The swap forum is open to arrange trades with other members: HERE

Sign up HERE

So who’s going to be there?

If I can find a way up I REALLY want to go, if we are arranging a car pool thing then I will be signing up. I want to see the fragging demos very badly and I have heard the stories of what is availiable there. :slight_smile:

Well I am surely going. +1, that leaves two comfortable seats available… 3 if you do not mind being cozy :P. I have offered John and Steph to ride with me if they choose. That will allow one last person for a cozy but do-able ride. Jon and Steph are still up in the air so as we get closer we can determine car pools.

Well I don’t care if the ride is cozy or not, I just want to go :slight_smile: Just trying to figure out if I should register or not. I have a car but the problem is my mom would flip if she found out I was driving that far with my brand new car that just went to the body shop (thanks to that bicyclist in rehoboth). Plus they won’t even let me drive 95 on the way to and from my house to here (yes I have to take 301 the ENTIRE way) lol. So I doubt they will let me drive like that to somewhere I have never been when they won’t even let me drive to my own house lol!

Wow when I was 16 I drove to Richmond VA to party with my brother and drank till 4am, then drove home. I use to run to the beach on Saturday night to party till closing then drive a car full of friends home. My parents still don’t know. I got away with more stuff then I should have.

*The stuff mentioned here should not be attempted. It was done by a professional idiot. I really am surprised I survived this long.

P.S. I warned Jen that I was a terror and that my spawn would be satin incarnate. She didn’t listen

[quote=“a1amap, post:8, topic:569”]
P.S. I warned Jen that I was a terror and that my spawn would be satin incarnate. She didn’t listen[/quote]

Hehe thats great.

lOl hahaha I know I am just too much of a good girl, plus my mom pays for my gas and has access to my bank accounts still, she would notice a $50 gas charge on my card and then the extra miles in the car lol.

This little fact is why I don’t normally do anything I don’t want them to know about, she already asked why I took $100 in cash out so suddenly without telling her. I had to explain I was getting coral for the tank from Dr. Macs and that someone was picking my stuff up since I couldn’t go lol.

Well, we’re just about a month away from this years Frag Swap and I thought it would be nice to revive some photo’s from last year’s event. From the looks of things, this year is shaping up to be even BIGGER and BETTER! We have more than twice the floor space and have already doubled the number vendors. With only 4 spots left, we’re definitely looking at a sell-out.

Where else could you get 3 GREAT speakers, access to more than 40 of the top livestock and dry good retailers in the industry, an awesome NY Deli Style Lunch and the possibility of winning some great raffle items?. And all that for only $25! Take a look at these pics and ask yourself “How can I possibly miss out on that!”

wow, great pics mikem. i really wish i could go this year!

How much longer is it still 25$ a couple? We may want to go… depends on how the $ situation looks then.

[quote=“logans_daddy, post:12, topic:569”]
wow, great pics mikem. i really wish i could go this year![/quote]

Sorry you have to miss the Swap.

[quote=“icy1155, post:13, topic:569”]
How much longer is it still 25$ a couple? We may want to go… depends on how the $ situation looks then.[/quote]

The $25 early discount will end on October 10th.
Hope to see you there.

OH BOY! Just made my reservation and bought my ticket. don’t forget Wed. Oct. 1st is the last day to get a ticket for $25. then the price goes up. So, looks like I’m going again. Last year was really good.

I am also registered!! Looking forward to another great swap!!

Still on the fence about this one… Oct is the month from hell for me.

I don’t know, I reeeeeally want to go. If someone says, “I am definitely going, and I can take you.” Then I will go. If not I will attempt to talk to my parents but I can’t go alone if they actually let me go and it looks like I have no one to go with. Unless Rbta wants to go lol. Also unless I can pass off my friend as my significant other, or it doesn’t matter then she will come. But it looks like I have no one to come with me or take me.

I have too work that weekend