No silicone baffle install

:think) hmm…sounds like an excuse to visit Dr. Macs…

Let me check the local ones here again first though, maybe I just missed it last year

So how is this working out? Still good. I’m thinking about using this to put in a coast to coast weir only. A piece of acrylic or glass the length of my tank about 5" wide then push it in so water flows over it. Can’t silicone due to long curing times

So far it is working great. The most important factor is cutting the piece to the right size. Too small of a cut and there will not be enough pressure to hod it in place. i can poat a pic of it in my sump if you like.

I’m in lowes right now looking for it is it marine weather sealant all I see is for windows and doors

I found it right in front of my face it just looked bigger in the pic. There’s two strips together

I’ll try this for the overflow inside the tank and I can adjust it which is nice

Yes that’s it.

should work fine

What size glass will it work better with. And where du you cut it along the sticky part?

just make sure you don’t cut the appenzeller…

I used a acrylic piece for my purpose.

Just follow the instructions in this link