No silicone baffle install

I have been having a problem with microbubbles in my tank, so I did some research on baffles and found this diferent way of installing baffles without having to use silicone. Tried it out today with a piece of acrylic that I already had and it worked great!!! GolfC And I never took the water out of my sump, just shut down the return pump. YahoO Check it out, you can do all the baffles in your sump like this and if you don’t like the baffle arrangement, you can move them around PBJ!

here is the link to the how to…

Pretty interesting
Man thankfully there’s pictures so I dont half to read :BEER

Right. I went to Home Depot and they had the material to use on the baffles.

I’m getting ready to build a sump as well. I might give this a try. Thanks for the idea John.

this sounds like a cool idea. I’ve been kicking around the idea of redo on my 30 sump. Having that flexibility would be great.

This is what I used from HD

Does it actually say its marine safe?


All you really have to do is score it with a razor a crap load of times and break the edges with pliers, then take egg crate and cut pieces almost like a “T” except the top of the “t” is rather small and shim the acrylic, bottom to top, both sides, and it’ll stay where you want it to.

I think you missed the point here, Tim. The idea of setting up partitions in a sump is to control the flow of the water and make the microbubbles rise to the top. Therefore, it is important that the seal be water tight. The method you described can not be water tight and will let water and bubbles pass thru the sides.

I have read that they will not withstand a lot of pressure or uneven pressure. A lot of ppl have used them and ended up using silicon in the end.

What size Sump and how many gph? Imo its better to just do it right rather than having to mess with it. If its a small size Sump just make another one and when ready switch them out and sell the other tank

What I did was I added one acrylic baffle to my existing sump that has all the other baffles installed with silicone. The sump is a 40 gal and I am running a dart pump for my return feed. Don’t know the gph, with about 5 feet of head pressure, but the water moves quickly thru the sump, which has no refuge in it. And I also had to Tee off the return to feed some flow back into the return chamber to keep it from getting to low.

Sounds like its worth a shot John ::thumbsup::

Day 2…working really well, keeping stable and I moved it today to another spot in the sump,doing fine.

[quote=“houndsbayman, post:14, topic:5149”]
Day 2…working really well, keeping stable and I moved it today to another spot in the sump,doing fine.[/quote]

This is a great tip John, beats taking out the whole sump ::thumbsup:: and cheap and easy…

so did you get the bubbles under control? and were the bubbles a new problem, or something you just got sick of?

Yes the bubbles are under control YahoO
What happened was when I first moved down here I cracked my old sump tank. So I had to put a new one together real quick to get the whole system running in the new house. Well I never really put enough baffles in to make a bubble trap. And then last year the return pump started a small drip leak, so I replaced it with a new pump. Well, then the flow in the sump was stronger than ever, and I couldn’t stand looking at the micro bubbles any longer. So I saw this method the other day and gave it a try.

Gotcha, glad it worked John. ::thumbsup::

Last week i woke up and saw sand all over the top rockwork of my tank. my last baffle in the sump came loose from the water level being too low, adding too much water pressure on cutting boards siliconed to glass… ( i neglected it for days when i wasnt feelin good) it sucked a bunch of sand from the fuge and blew it all over. its been ok as long as i keep the water level high. I’ve been dreading having to shut down and fix it, but this could make it easy easy easy,

Just follow his instructions and it will work just fine. The best part was that I didn’t even empty my sump, just move the baffle into position with the water still in there.

Glad to see this worked, I was gonna try last year but bought the wrong rubber pieces (had ridges on the end not round like the one you show in the pic) - actually the stuff is still in my closet along with some thick lexan I bought for this mini project. Took a close look and realized that would never work with the rubber I got. .I’m gonna go back and get the one you bought and try it out - thanks for the reminder!

Which hd did u buy from? I know they should all have the same but I’d swear I could not find the one you got in the new castle store last year.

You don’t want to go to the HD I go to. I live in Salibury, MD ::rofl::