November meeting who is coming?

Was just curious who was coming tomorrow… I mean today it’s past midnight.

Those of you who won’t be able to make it did you cast you’re votes already?

I will be there with at least one frag. Anyone else who might be able to bring frags or macro or sand to trade or what ever else post here:

BTW what time is the meeting? If anyone has yet to make a meeting at the Newark Library and is not sure where it is, post now so we can help you out. It is right off of Main Street in Newark, across from the post office, Pathmark, and one place I frequent way to much Mc Donalds.

See you guys there. PBJ!

It’s Sunday, 3:15 in the am and the meeting is not today it is tomorrow. Monday not Sunday… lOl Getting your days mixed up again Jon? Regardless, I will be there Monday.

[quote=“Gordonious, post:1, topic:836”]
BTW what time is the meeting?[/quote]

6:45 - Trades and Exchanges
7:00 - Meeting

same as it ever was …

im commin. candy cane and some zoos.

Me and Keleigh will be there. Jon, did you ever find that ballast for her? She asked me today and I figured if you did I could pick it up at the meeting when I pay you for the frag plugs.

i think i may come, this would be my first !! PBJ!

Remind me again which ballast. Two PC bulbs at how many watts? Did you need all the wires and connectors or just the ballast?

Come on out longballz84, always good to meet new people. I’ll try to make sure we go around and give intros so you can match some real names and faces to screen names.

I’m coming, but as previously mentioned - I will be late. There is just not enough time to get ome from work, bag everything up, load the truck and make it there by 6:45 for the swap. I will do all of my swapping after the meeting.

Don’t forget your coolers, it’s gonna be chilly tomorrow night.

Hey craig, did you pick up the stuff from that other thread?

We needed one that ran 2 65W pc bulbs… you said you thought that you might have one laying around.

I had something come up and wasn’t able to make it over, however have instituted a contingency plan and should have them in my frag tank by 8 tonight.

Beautiful. Do you still need powerheads? I’m taking down the 125, you’ve got first dibs on two K4’s.

Contingency plan (Andy) worked like a charm.

I have the Kenya trees for both Jocephus and Icy.

I don’t need the K4’s (as much as I wish I did). With the K3 K and Wake2K I have almost too much flow.

But I’d be happy to take anything else off your hands you don’t need anymore :BEER

I need K4s! haha, but won’t be able to make the meeting. I will be a nerd studying for my organic chem test tomorrow. Have fun everyone.

It was nice meeting everyone I met at the meeting that I didn’t meet at the last one. Glad you guys that came out could make it.