OFFICIAL 2023 Zoanthid Growout Contest

Glad you are going to defend your title Houndsbayman!

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Above is the list, there is one spot open until the end of the week.
Feederboy/Bruce and Fishface/Will, I just need to catch up with you to get the specimines to you.

Next Sunday will need to be the cut-off if we are going to run a fair contest.

I handed out progress tracking submission forms but didn’t not think it veryone got them. If you didn’t get one I can email one to you or get it to you some other way.
Looks like this:

Let’s try to commit to checking in every two weeks on progress with pictures and comments.
This can be here or on the Facebook page/discussion

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Mine opened right up on the first day.


Here is the form as PDF

Zoanthid growout contest.pdf (143.6 KB)

I hope everybody’s has opened up with no issues


Does anyone have more than 2 heads yet?

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Steve D sent me a picture of his.
It has three heads and says it looks like it might have a couple buds

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The disc with the zoas fell off it’s spot and are dead, I’m out.

Mine didn’t make it. Never opened up. I’m out …

Hey Donavon how are mine growing? Lol

@MarineMike5 and @houndsbayman

I will get you both another frag asap

They got out of quarantine recently and seem to be acclimating well to my display.

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No need to get me another frag, but thanks anyway.

I’m good Also

Well I am out as well i looked at my zoas 3 or 4 days ago and they were closed up and today they are gone…lol

We are dropping like flies.

I have 3 polyps now! Will post a picture tonight.

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Funny thing is i have a frag of those same zoas Donavon gave me before and its like 25 polyps…lol

This really sucks guys, I have two more of the original frags left and the colony is doing well, well over 100 polyps.

Maybe they are weak as only two polyps, then changing tank parameters…

At least a few people are having success.

If We ever do this again maybe start with four polyps for better initial success

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**I still have the ones we did a couple years ago and have about 100 pylops and the new frags were put in that tank and they did not make it. **don’t know why?