OFFICIAL 2023 Zoanthid Growout Contest

This is the Official 2023 Zoanthid Growout Contest

It starts March 11, 2023 and a winner will be declared approximately 6 (six) months later depending on the next member meeting closest to the 6 month mark.

You should consider entering this contest if:

  • Zoanthids grow fast in your tank
  • You have a passion for zoanthids
  • You generally like to compete regardless of you passion for zoanthids
  • You know the secrets to growing zoas and want to show off
  • You just want another coral colony in your tank and think this is a good way to do it

There is no right or wrong reason for entering the contest however there will be limited contestants allowed due to the limited size/availability of the mother colony.

This is the general idea:

Who can grow the biggest colony of zoas in a seven month period, starting with just two polyps?

I will supply the materials to start:

  • 1.5" round ceramic tiles (marked on the bottom with a number)
  • Two heads each of “Burning Plums” zoas from my collection (I just made up the name for this contest)
  • Six-Seven month duration from start of contest (frags given out at the next member meeting)
  • A submission/growth tracking form to compare notes and track progress, the intent is for everyone to learn how and why zoanthids grow fastest.
  • Check ins by post (on this thread) with a picture and comment every two weeks to show progress and brag about how well you are doing, or to ask for guidance due to slow growth
  • $10.00 entry fee (proceeds collected will be given to the winner)
  • Final submission form to be brought to the meeting with specimen for evidence (you get to keep the zoas, of course) the submission form will be for educational purpose and comparison of conditions, asking about your grow out process:
  • temperature
  • salinity
  • phosphates
  • Nitrates
  • flow, high__ Moderate__ Low__
  • Feeding heavy__ Moderate__ none__
  • special techniques or secrets?____________


  • Entry fee money
  • Bragging rights!
  • Title of 2023 Zoanthid King or Queen
  • A trophy (maybe in the form of a mug or tumbler, maybe a plaque) to prove in years to come that you were the winner in case your friends don’t believe you

We will be limited to 20 contestants, so the first twenty people to register will be in the contest.

Only Members with up to date/paid membership are eligible. Register by replying “I AM IN” to this thread that will indicate your desire to play. I will update a reply to this with a running list of contestants.

Pictured below are the rare and highly sought after “Burning Plums” zoas that will be used for this contest.

OFFICIAL List of Contestants:

This will be the official list of contestants updated regularly - this will be a first come, first served basis as there are only twenty frags available:

  1. MarineMike5
  2. Mortyn02
  3. Potsky0122
  4. Jessica
  5. Fishface515
  6. Jamesd1991
  7. Tony
  8. Houndsbayman
  9. Maria
  10. Steve D
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Yes, I AM IN


I AM IN! And since this has to be more than 10 characters get ready!!!


Count me in!


:raising_hand_woman:t2: :1st_place_medal::point_up: :muscle:t3::+1::dancer:t2:

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What the hay…I Am In!

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You in!!!

Im down as well

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Frags are cut and mounted. Two by two.

I made a couple extra because some of the little heads will detach and start a new colony somewhere I don’t want them, lol.

They have 31days to heal. They will be happy to find a new tank to colonize


Looks great, Thanks Donavon

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Why can’t we get more people involved in this project?

I am in for sure!


This contest is one reason to join the Delaware Reef Club. Along with the discounts from our sponsors and free admission to the coral show(frag swap), the use of our par meter. Raffles at our monthly meeting, hopefully this is some of the reasons for you to join. Thanks to all members.

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Hey guys can i still participate since i cant make the meeting due to my daughters engagement party being that day?


Yes of course.

Yes we can hook up a day or two after the meeting. Just let me know when is a good time to catch up.

i’ll have to do the same unfortunately. Duty calls, and i just found out i have to work in Wilmington saturday. Maybe i can meet with Donovan and grab mine and Fishface’s? i live in middletown… i also need to figure out how to change this screenname from 20 years ago! lmao

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Ok I’m in. Try and take the Title away from me. I dare ya!!! LOL

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I will make sure we hook up shortly after the meeting

I can maybe meet you in maybe ddletown or arrange you to pick up at my wife’s studio (in Middletown)

We will figure it out