Official Meeting Wrap-up 3/15/10

Sorry it’s taken so long to get this up but I had 3000 pictures to sort through and still couldn’t find a decent one of Bill to put up ;D

The meeting started as they do every month … with dinner. This month we got to enjoy burger night. PBJ!

Some of us polished off 3 or 4 before the meeting even got under way:

Really can’t say I blame him too much - they were goooooood!!!

We learned about the new Farm Stand board that showed up this month in which some of our members will be invited to become “farmers” and help supply fellow hobbyists with good frags at good prices. This is one of the perks of being a premium member - it’s the only way to get access to this board.

Shawn introduced our first “Frag Farmer” - John aka Houndsbayman

This months virtual tank tour was Bill Robinson (billrob71)

We were all quite interested and increasingly intrigued by Bill’s 700+ calcium readings. (If I’m not mistaken the last cast I had on my leg only had measurable calcium at 650 ppm.)

Our big presentation of the night was by our very special guest speaker Steven Pro from Ice Cap Lighting.

Steven put on a great presentation regarding the various items in our tanks that sting, poke, irritate, poison, or create extreme discomfort. The best part? He brought pictures!!! PoM

You’ve got to respect a man that has 50 pointy things sticking out of his finger and has the good thought to grab a camera before pulling them out. You’ve also got to respect a man that has no problem standing up in front of a high school cafeteria full of people and admitting to not keeping his eye on the lion fish while armpit deep in a display tank.

Overall it was a fantastic presentation full of a ton of useful information - especially since all of us have at least one of the items he discussed in our tanks.

Oh and just in case you missed it…HOT water when poked or stung - not cold water!!!

The night wrapped up with our raffle. There were many frags raffled off this month - I wish I had the list we made of who won what but it appears to have gone the way of Ian (missing without a trace). Needless to say we had about 7 NICE frags that were raffled off including a spectacular blue Florida Ricordea that you don’t see too often.

There were many gift certificates to local and online sponsors - $25 to Delaware’s Premium Aquatics, Dr. Macs and many more. Gift boxes of food and supplies from Instant Ocean. included in the boxes were:
A bottle of Nitrate Reducer
Marine conditioner (to get the tangles out?)
Reef Accelerator (The Prius of aquarium supplements)
Seaweed grazing block
Gel food
Pellet food (2 kinds)
A golf shirt GolfC (I guess they think we have time for another hobby ;D )
Seriously though - wow what a box of goodies - I’m really glad I won one now that I’ve opened it and saw the contents PBJ! PoM YahoO

The GOLDEN ticket item this month was…

You can use the same cheesy TV announcer voice as last month here if you’d like

(but I’m going to use one of the heavily accented Victoria’s Secret Angels voices for mine)

A 5 gallon bucket of Tropic Marin salt, a gift box as mentioned above and a $25 gift certificate.

The winner this month (and the guy buying my raffle tickets next month) was 1st8Eer Reefer!!!

Once again another fantastic meeting - the good news is due to the delay in getting this thread published - there’s only 3 weeks left until the next meeting!!!

Please join us back at William Penn’s Cafeteria on April 19th at 7pm for the next fun-filled extravaganza!!!

Craig, another fantastic job and commentary, any time we can give bill a dig, that’s fine.

no pics of the fantastic raffle ticket number reader? >LOL< >LOL<

its funny what she picks up, we get home and she said “i hope we don’t get mycobacterium” i laughed.

it was a good time :slight_smile:

Nice job Craig.

The meetings keep getting better and better, i wonder what will happen next month?

Thanks Craig!! Another good meeting, another great wrap up post!

i wonder what will happen next month?

I havent a clue yet!! The only details i know at this point is that BJ from the Fishbowl will be speaking for us and the Golden ticket raffle will be a big box of Seachem products including several products from the new aquavitro line that isnt widely available yet and seems to be getting some pretty decent reviews. The products are roughly valued at around $80 using online prices and should be a really awesome prize for the nano owners out there! Prize pack courteous of Seachem directly so i want to thank them for their generosity. They also included some product literature that will be available for everyone to look at if interested.

Any thoughts or ideas for food or DIY technique? Im all ears!

Chinese, and baffles?

good idea and one i am pursuing.

Was good to hear Pro talk. I should get checked out for Mycobacterium. Have this odd bump on my left knuckle that hasn’t gone away in the last 4 months or so.

Bill I’d love to see some pictures of your tank at some point. Hope we don’t have to wait for the new website to role out next year in order to see them. Sounds as if you have a well established ecosystem and a pretty nice set up. Pretty unique as well, which is always good.

Chinese food would be nice for the next meeting.

chinese is great but it turns to crap really fast in a holding tank, pick what you order wisely. (i.e. lo-mein turns into pudding pretty fast)

Uhhh? Maybe Just add a Hot-Air stone to the Lo-Mein?

Or perhaps we could do home made Sveedish, Italian or barbeque meat balls on hogie buns, mitt Pasta up the flazoo and Slaw. And Brownies for desert, of course!

Anybody got some good recipes? I bet we could whip up something tastey from those little bags-o-meat-balls from the dollar store and stuff. Just a thawt.

I luvs the $ Store!

I bought my SS Sespatula, Genuine Coraline scraper there!

Works great on the heavy stuff.