Ok, Who wants a RBTA?

I have a bunch of these little buggers in our tank and im getting tired of them moving over our corals and killing them so heres the deal. All of these except one is for sale… I think I counted 7 last night but I can only see 6 now. I would prefer to sell them to as many people as are intersted and not all to one person. These will be a come and get them thing for 20$ each, and you are responsible for removing them…

Let me know if you want one and I’ll let ya know when I’m avalible to pick them up.

Icy do you think you could hold on for me until next month? I can’t really add anything new right now as my qt is full and besides the salinity is creeping up on my tanks anyways due to my messed up RO unit. I’ll give you $25 then or perhaps a trade as I should have some corals up for trade at that point.

Yeah, I can definably hold one till next month. Some of them aren’t misbehaving that badly so ill leave one of those in for you… its just the ones who like to sit in my duncans or frogspawn that really have to go ASAP.

if you could hold on to one for me too man, I’d appreciate it!

Yep I can hold them, just let me know when you wanna come pick it up.

thanks bellamy! you rock dude.

I’ll take one and i hope you get my msg about trading some other stuff.

Ryan, your welcome to come over and get it whenever… I just checked my phone message, sorry about that I dont use my cell all that often so sometimes it takes me a while. Ill definatley trade frags with you… what kinda stuff are you looking for? Keleigh’s frogspawn isnt ready to frag… we lost a head to one of the anemones that decided to sit right next to it for a while, but everything else is doin ok.

ICY sorry I did not call you back Sunday. I sent you a PM on RC did you get it. I still want the 2 we talked about. BILL

Ryan, glad to get rid of those… thanks.

Bill, Im not sure the 2 are still easy to get to… I can tell ya in the am when the lights come on.

Man like u said they like to move i got the one to stay where i put em by spot feeding but the other is on the warpath…

To make a long story short, someone i know doesn’t know how to put water in a fish tank. I come home to the coral rack out of the water, and al the corals bleaching or dried up. Anyway problem fixed for now. None of the polyps on the Digitata or the Caps are extending, they all have a little white showing in some places, but as a whole look ok. The salinity probably spiked around 1.03 + is my guess… Is there anything i can do, or do i just have to ride it out?

Depending on how long the corals were out of the water, all you can do is to keep checking on them to see if they are doing better. Most likely they are stressed out and except for the spots that are dead, you will see them recover and hope for the best. Oh, and make sure not to let the water level go too low again. I have had this happen to me b4 as has many others who have been in this hobby for some time.
Do you use a ATO?

… here’s your sign…

lol. kidding! (but u gotta agree) Saint:)

That sucks John. Like I said in my text the other days, just keep the frags around for a while even if they don’t appear to be coming back as they may surprise you. Hope you get full recovery quickly.

As far as what to do now. I would try to feed small plankton foods such as cyclopeeze and make sure the chemistry stays stable. Pretty much a wait and see thing.

keep params stable is the main key, i wouldnt bother with feeding for now, atleast untill u see some polyp extension. feed the tank sparingly as to keep the water clean. stablility promotes success

bassically all u can do is wait, and thats why u dont rely on someone else :D. how long were u gone that the water got that low?

u can make a ato for like 20 bucks with a relay and a float switch.

this is what i use and hooked it up to a spare maxijet 1200 i had laying around (seaclone 100 came in handy for parts!!)

perfect ATO with the second switch safety feature.

edit, would help if i post the link

im mkaing one but i cant put it in till i move the tank… but im close

more varnish, get lights hung, then its time…